Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fixed the truck, saw some chicks, got some pics..

So I fixed my R/C truck. Got some new RPM rear hub carriers that are totally indestructible, according to news on the street. They fit like a glove and my truck is back on the street. Better news is, I scored a new NiMh battery at the hobby shop that's 4600 maH and goes for 3.5 times the duration of my other batteries. Strange thing is, it's a totally different truck with that in there. I can pull wheelies on demand now, off a tiny bump in the road and just flip the truck over backward. Way too fast now, too. Easily 35-40 mph. It's a real handful on the street.

Also, went to Blue Seal last Saturday while waiting for the kids to get out of ballet class. Walked in the door and was immediately greeted by the tiny chirping sounds of baby chickens! Surprise surprise! They're so cute, I wanted to pinch their heads off! A few more weeks till mine get here. Just a few more weeks... still gotta build that coop, too. Hmm...

And finally, got some pics from Will, finally. Finally! {nudge} ;-) Check it:

Here's the man stirrin' the mash in the mashtun, and..

Here we are adding some hops to the boil kettle. This was destined to be an American Amber, so we went with a slight variation on the Rambler recipes, tried and true, version 1.2. It's ready to bottle or keg today, in fact.. but we're not gonna get around to it till next week. Post on that in due time..

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