Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Garden update..

Well, was with much anxiety that I pulled up all but one of the tomato plants in the lower raised bed. So sad! :) There's one left with a few more cherry tomato's on it, but that'll probably get pulled in the next couple of days or so.. I gotta get to the meat of this book "Four Season Harvest" by Elliot Coleman, so I can figure out the best type of cold frame for me to build there. I'm still undecided on if I'm going to do a whole 4x8 bed or just a half shooter in a 4x4 square. Still pondering that..

Check this sweet tomato I just picked from the Global Bucket project planter on the deck:

Nice work, right there.. I'm excited to see how well that thing came out. Gives good hope for next years crop of sause tomatos I'm gona do entirely on the deck in those same type buckets.

Anyway, this is the state of the garden as of this moment:

You can see the tomatos are all but gone from the lower bed. I'm probably gonna fence in the area, protect the turnips and lettuce, and let the chickens in there for a few hours or days, so they can have a bit of fun with the leftover fruits in there. They'll have a blast, I'm sure..

I'm also getting huge amounts of shade in both beds now that fall is coming up here.. the lower sun isn't getting over the tops of the trees now until around 1000 hours, whereas before it was fully blast right about 0800-0830 hours. No wonder my lettuce is slowing to a crawl.

Also, just pulled a radish out of the planter bow on the deck.. it was small, but it was tasty! The radishes in the planter are HUGE in comparison to the ones in the beds.. no comparison, really. In fact, if the beds get any grown radishes at all this time around, I might be surprised.. unless the cold frame does something magic in there.

Pretty soon, I'm also gonna do some measuring up and set up my squares for the square foot garden project. I know Mel says you aren't doing it right if you don't have solid, wood or whatever divider grids, but that stuff just isn't going to work for what I have in mind. It's gonna be twine for me, wether Mel agrees or not. The principal I like.. and that's what counts. Stay tuned for those developments in the near future..

The Am. pale ale I just did, solo style, is done with it's main ferment.. gonna keg that up for the Pink Shirt party coming up.. and I just had a taste of the Am. Amber I did with Commando Savvas.. strangely, still not carbed, but I guess it's only been 7 days.. usually takes 10, but hey, I can hope, right? It's *very* promising.

I got nuthin' else.. carry on.