Saturday, July 30, 2011

Starting to get some product now...

Starting to get some production out of this thing now. Some of the long season stuff, that is. The chili's we've been picking into a bit every ow and then out of the Earthbox pepers, but here's some different stuff now. The potato's that unfortunately got crushed in the storm last month finally gave up the ghost, but when I went digging around in the Smartpot to get the thing cleaned up and put away, I found a zillion little marble sized and up potato's growing happily inside. It's a meal or two worth of potatoes, though they're all really small.. sorta wish these guys had lived a long and happy life.. there would have been many, I'm sure.


First ripe tomato of the year. Heh...

Fatalii chili pepper

Cascades hops going really strong.