Saturday, September 26, 2009

GABF week..

Just a quick note from the field... in Denver, CO in the hotel room posting to say I'm in town for the Great American Beer Fest.. Good time yesterday, and today is the last session for us. Should have some stories to tell and pics to post when I get back. Some really fabulous coffee was obtained while in town here as well.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Great American Beer Fest.. ah, yes. Just a couple more days to go and we're there.. craft beer Valhalla!

Just put the nest box in the chicken coop yesterday. Noticed the girls were digging weird dugouts in the bedding the past couple days, so I put the box I made in there for them, just in case. I also am hopeful the chicks will survive the few days I'll be gone.. the wife doesn't seem really interested in their care taking during that time, it seems. A beer a day to whoever wants the feeding and watering job for Thurs-Sun this week! Payment at the door on completion of the job.

The IPA I made with Frank seems to have run it's course.. I'll probably dry hop it when I return from my trip.. or just before my trip, and keg it on return. Really cleared up in the fermenter.. looks nice.

Also, I flipped the cheeses in the fridge, too. Looks like the end of the month and I can open up the Jack cheese, and the Jalapeno can be pried open another week after that. I guess when I return from the trip, we might look into that. Pics and discussion to follow, of course. Still plotting my first raw milk cheese. Probably gonna be a peppercorn variety, I think.