Tuesday, June 21, 2011

American Homebrewers Association Conference 2011

Just got back from the A.H.A. conference in San Diego, California the other day.. it was quite an event. If you're not familiar, the American Homebrewers Association is *the* biggest and only homebrewers conference of it's kind. Nearly 2,000 people attended this thing this year. Not sure if it out does the GABF festival I'm so fond of, but it was very informative. Here's a few pics from the four days I was out there..

The Tiki pavilion draft system, designed for the A.H.A. conference. 

Just *some* of the beers being poured at the Brewing Network festival party on Wednesday..

The 'Ale Camino" Beer Utility Vehicle, with 350 IBU's of power.

Ron Jeffries from Jolly Pumpkin, pouring me a beer. 

Gary Glass and John Palmer, legends. 

Dan Gordon of Gordon Biersch showed up with a few bottles to share at one of the seminars..

That's a 9 tap Randall system. Sheesh.. 

These are the beers that didn't get drank from the judging. There were hundreds..
Yeah, it was quite a thing. Coming to Penn in 2013, as we heard.. might see you there.