Monday, June 29, 2009

The BIG chicken coop aka "lawn gouger"..

So here's the finished (well, maybe..) coop, out in the side yard. With chickens inside! The feeder and waterer are underneath there, dangling from the bottom of the coop, right next to the exit door there on the lower left. Works out really well!

And here's what happens when you try to move the darned thing. Heavy!! And digs up the lawn. This 30 foot move from one spot to the next took me 15 minutes and two very torn up hands. I need some wheels on this thing in the worst way.

The chickens are getting smarter now, having been outside for 4 days now. Each day so far, one more chicken has been able to get into the box at night by herself than the night prior. And this morning, they all came out of the box by themselves, without any "help" by me pushing them. They must have been hungry!

Speaking of hungry, they appear to love the clover weeds in the lawn. They'll eat those bare and leave everything else alone for the most part.. so when I moved the coop, it left this weird rectangle in the lawn that had regular grass and a conspicuous lack of clover, which much of my lawn is made up of. Darned weeds.