Thursday, January 28, 2010

Keg down! No post in a while...

Been in training for the past week, so haven't really been home much and able to access the computer to do any blogging.. I should mention though, that this tragedy occurred:

Oh no! The IPA is killed! Drats.. I've got no pale ales downstairs, not counting the Oro de Maggie sour. The Kombucha beer, the not so aptly named Hanssens "All-Purpose" sour ale, is still kicking it too.. the pellicle on this thing now is huge and ugly as sin! It's developing some brett. character that I can definitely detect, and hopefully a bit of sour too. I'll be checking it out again at the three month mark, I think, to see how it's progressing.

Other than that.. I ain't got much. Supposed to be heading down to Will's place this coming Saturday for a saison tasting for an upcoming article. I can dig it.