Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Brutal Truth: Geoff's ESB...

OK! So here we are again, for another heart wrenching episode of The Brutal Truth, where your's truly evaluates another brewers home made creation with no punches pulled. Today, we have this:

We're gonna score this according to BJCP style guidelines and their point system, cause Geoff was bold enough to enter this in a comp. somewhere.. and I just wanna see how close I get to their scores. Here we go!

Bottle inspection: pass. filled good and the cap was on. F'ing righteous!

Aroma: Good. Caramel. Something else I can't put my finger on.. No diacetyl here. low esthers. 8/12

Appearance: Acceptable. Head retention was poor out of the box, and clarity for style is probably a little on the low side. I'm gonna go with 2/3, but I'd probably give a 1.5 if it were an option.

Flavor: Very good for style. A bit of a mineral-ly component, but that's in the range for this kind of beer.. Hops evident, and taste nice.. bitterness on the moderate to upper moderate end of the spectrum. There is a microscopic level of slickness I'm picking up.. possibly diacetyl? Not positive.. but still well within range of this class. I'm gona score this a 15/20

Mouthfeel: medium body, average carbonation. fine for the style. 4/5

Overall Impression: Tates good, easy to drink, hops are quite fine.. a little mineral/metallic thing that distracts somewhat, but others may find that quite refreshing. I think I'd dial that back just a hair, after the source of it was found.. not entirely rinsed sanitizer? Some brewing salt overload? A bit of diacetyl here that becomes more evident the further into the beer I get.. but still, like I said, not offensive. I'll go 6/10

That brings us to a 35 out of a possible 50. That's a "Very Good" according to the BJCP guide.. and about what I'd say this beer is, very good! Some room for improvement, but certainly a solid brew. Good job Geoff! Thanks for the beer!