Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Drats, killed 'em dead!

I had an extra Jalapeno that was taking up too much room and was also partially injured due to a previous accident here.. that, and a basil plant that was kicking around as well that wasn't getting any bigger in it's Dixie cup. Decided to see how 'hardy' those guys could be in the hoop house overnight. The answer: Not hardy enough. Both looked pretty much dead this morning when I took a glance at 'em. They were still standing tall last night at midnight when I got home from work, but this morning, all droopy and bent over. Pretty much killed. Heh! So much for *that* experiment.

That garlic is still looking pretty good, but still seeing only 4-6 shoots per square coming up from the 9 that were planted in each square. Hmm..

A little dirt pulled aside (dirt, or llama poo? Yikes!) from the top of the hops bed shows some green hop bustin' up action in the Cascades department. Interesting. With the 6-12" of snow predicted for this Friday, I just covered 'em back up with a pile of leaves and hope that works well enough to keep the new guys safe for this week.

All the tomatos from the propagator were transfered over to the 4 pak seedling trays, the Roma's and the Cherry's.. here's a pic of those in furious action. They're all lined up on the wet mat in the propagator still, but that's just temporary.
Roma and Cherry tomato seedlings.. 
The onions are doing well too.. they got ejected from the propagator's wet mat too, but they seem to be happy enough on their tofu trays. :)
Onion babies. Almost time for a haircut!
That's all.. gotta go prepare for the big storm now to set us back another few weeks. Drats..