Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fall plantings..

Tis that time of year.. just did my first Fall planting of beets, turnips (yep, gonna try again..) and some more Brussel Sprouts. I've never had one of my own Brussels Sprouts, because the one I put in in the spring haven't popped out any Sprouts yet, but hey, if I love 'em I'd hate to not have planted any news ones. And I've heard the Fall crop tastes even better than the spring ones.

Pulled a few more garlics up, but damn, they're tiny.. the experiment worked, but super small results. My Jalapeno's in the Earthbox are coming along like gangbusters though, so that's good. The Habanero and Fatalii are both looking fine and I'll probably get a few good jars of those put away this year just off those two plants alone... peppers, I can handle that. These damn tomatos though, that's another story. The ones in the beds are OK, but the containers are growing like mad but they're all getting blossom end rot, I suspect dur to fluctuations in the water supply. I've had a couple instances so far where the reservoir has been dry.. it's just so hot and the plants are so damn big, they drain the couple gallons out in an afternoon alone. Sheesh.. I need a bigger bucket, apparently, but where do you get something bigger than a five gallon bucket thats' stackable?

Look at the size of these tomato plants. Space hogs! Pushing the poor peppers out of the way.. I've got half a mind to hack 'em down a bit.. cucumbers climbing that trellis on the left there pretty good though.. lots of little pickles forming just fine there..

Stay tuned..