Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where's my chicks!

So, Wednesday has come and gone, and still no call from the feed place for my birds. Sad, but whatever. They said the middle of May for arrival, and it's not quite the middle yet, so I guess I have to cut 'em some slack.

There's a great article on homebrewing in the May 13th, 2009 edition of the Republican American. And that's your link to it.. Wait a sec.. who's that guy in the picture? He looks frighteningly familiar, and damn fine! And I'm not talking about just the author, why, it's ME! I'm in the newspaper. Huh! In an interesting turn of events, the Rep-Am distributes a free edition f this newspaper up here to non-subscribers once or twice a year.. and what day did they pick to hurl that edition out onto my driveway? The day I'm in it! I'm sure Will Siss had to pull some strings to get *that* in effect. In other free newspaper events, the very front cover of this paper has an article about raising baby chickens. SHOCKING! I am, seemingly, at the forefront of every notable thing that ever goes on in the world.

In more coop news, here's the roll of vinyl flooring a friend fror work brought me. Unrolling and tracing out a pattern here:

And here's the installed floor. I'm not sure I'm going to do any more than just lay it down and leave it there. It seems to stay in place just fine, really. I might wanna take it out and replace it some day, right? Why staple it in if I don't need to, I figure.

I'm also ghetto insulating this thing, a bit, with some mega scraps I have leftover from a previous job I did... not enough to do the whole thing, but enough to make it more comfortable that it would be otherwise. That's not finished yet, so pics to follow...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

We got a due date!

Hey all.. no pics for this report, cause I still ain't got nothing to show for it, but I did get a due date for the chickens. I'm told it's gonna be this Wednesday! I called Friday evening and spoke there to someone who I just wanted to ask "What hatchery are these birds coming from, so I can inquire with those guys as to what, if any, vaccinations these guys are getting at birth?" So, there was a momentary pause and then the voice tells me "Wednesday". I'm like, "sorry, what?" and they go on to tell me they're due in Wednesday some time, but the only person who knows what hatchery they're coming from isn't due in till Monday morning, so I'd have to call back. So, I got an answer to a question I didn't ask, but it was a good answer I suppose! So, we're gearing up for Wednesday now. I hope it's morning some time, cause I won't be able to pick 'em up if it's the afternoon at all. I'll be workin' still.

Ok, well that's it for today. Now, go click the link on the right, Frank!

P.S. How come Adrienne, Pete and Don don't have pics for their Google accounts? It looks so *poor*! ;-)