Friday, February 19, 2010


Strange. I drank this beer and forgot to post on it..

Yeah, so there's this weird guy on the label of Blue Point Brewing's RastafaRye.. kinda creeps me out. It's described as  Rye beer, and that's about the sum of it. I want to like Rye, as a grain. I use it, or, rather, try to use it in a lot of my beers, and in my breads for that matter.. but I'm generally not that impressed with it. I'm just *trying* to be impressed with it. I think I may have found its calling, but it's in a Stout I make.. and a Chocolate Rye stout at that, so it kinda get's buried a bit.. in this beer here, that's not the idea.. the rye is supposed to be front and center. But, it isn't really. You do not drink this beer and say "Oh, snap! Here comes the rye!" it just ain't like that. Not that it's a bad beer.. it's just not that fantastic. It's rather.. err.. average. Except in it's abv% which is like, 7.5%.. totally uncalled for in this beer, really. Sad to have to be so blunt, but there it is.

Brewing with Pete tomorrow. Need a pale ale in the worst way. I'm starting to get complaints from the guests and management that there's "nothing normal to drink" on any of the taps. Sissies! In Germany, most of my lineup would be considered perfectly normal! Yeah, we're not in Germany.. ok, I'll brew a pale ale. This is three weeks in a row now, brewing. Life is good. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pellicle.. that was quick! Stout update..

Just a quick update to shoot up a really crappy picture of the Brett. Pale ale.. check it:

And there you have it. Pellicle. Snap! That was quick... I think it only took about 4 days to start to see the faintest film of funk on the top of this thing, and now, with this pic taken just yesterday, it's really coming along good. Powdery white with a couple of weird jagged 'lines' running across the top of the film, it looks legit. It's in a Better Bottle.. which is supposed to be oxygen impermeable.. so I doing that had anything to do with it, but I did just cap the top with a piece of tinfoil, as I've been doing a lot recently.

The stout I repitched this slurry into is also pretty much finished. I'll be kegging that in the next few days as well, cause I'm about to kick the Ancho Chile stout. This beer should be superior in more than one way, since I actually remembered to put in the chocolate malt this time that I enjoyed so much last time around. Plus, with the possible benefit of the Brett yeast, we'll see if that has any noticeable flavor impact at this short of a time frame.. probably not, but we'll see.

I'm also re building that  fantastic Reinhart San Fran sourdough I did a couple weeks back, but it's a difficult bread to do with your schedule isn't cooperating. I'm going to end up refrigerating the firm starter portion overnight again, for a total of two nights, and hopefully getting it going into dough shape tomorrow morning, with a final overnight tomorrow night. We'll see how that goes.. stay tuned.