Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden update.. and a bagel for good measure.

Yep, here she is.. the almighty Earthbox. Stuffed with Jalapeno's, she's doing quite fine. The potato SmartPot also got rolled up a bit more and filled with some more medium.. not quite all the way up, but it's darned full now. The horseradish has taken over the whole right hand side of the herb garden area, and looks healthy enough since I've been pulling slugs off it on a nightly basis.. (sheesh!). Most of the peppers are all ding quite fine, with the exception of a Fatalii in the upper raised bed which kicked the bucket due to it being too cool for it out there when I planted it, hop house notwithstanding.. (Darn it, my father is going to laugh when he reads that.. ) but otherwise, the other peppers in that same bed are all doing just fine. The Tobasco in the Smartpot is a textbook specimen, too. Those things are doing nice across the board. In bad news, I've got a mole in the beds now that's giving me fits knocking things over and tilling up good garden beds.. I will stomp the life out of that thing with my foot if given the chance.

In even sadder news, we lost another chicken the other day. A large bobcat was seen with one of my Red colored birds in it's mouth, walking off across the yard.. broad daylight in the middle of the yard, too. That's the first bird I've lost to a predator in over two years now. I'm looking to add a couple more to the flock in the near future.. stay tuned for that. 

Earthbox Jalapenos


Sideways shot (sorry) of my Gardners Supply hanging planter with Roma tomato inside..



Upper bed

Lower bed
And lastly, a home made sourdough bagel of the cinnamon rasin variety. Was delicious!