Thursday, April 7, 2011


Here's the new-to-me dehydrator my momma handed down to me.. it had some stuff that came with it, new in the bag.. from *1981* purchase date. Righteous! There in the last photo I took some apples and ran 'em through the blender real quick on the puree setting and let it rip for a bit till it turned into a paste.. you slap it on the teflon pages that come with this thing and leave it there til it's pretty good looking. I got 'em a bit too dry and they came out a bit too tough, but not too bad for 5 minutes work of involvement. 

Apple sauce fruit leather in progress..
I plan to try tossin' a few hops on these trays later on in the summer, and doing up some mad chili's in here to preserve those as well. All those chille's I had last year that got lost due to no good preservation method.. (sigh).

In other news..

Sa's scallions she put in the herb garden last year..

Cascades hops, just coming up.

German White garlic

The transplanted onions, three days later.
So, the onions are still alive, and look mostly OK. There's a couple in there that look a bit sad, but then again, I just yanked them and half their roots out of a tofu container and really ticked them off. This transplant was a bit more irritating to these plants than most of the others I've done. This is also the first time I've transplanted anything from under the lights indoors to the outdoor hoop house. We'll see how it goes..