Thursday, August 6, 2009

Exploding Bottles..

Not how I wanted to start my day, finding this stuff, but.. alas.. here it is. Went downstairs to swap out some laundry and re-arrange some items on the beer shelf, and ended up picking up the crate that holds my mega-old mead.. you know, the stuff I rarely drink, cause I'm trying to make it last a decade and see what it tastes like then? Yeah, that stuff.. Noticed a cork on the floor and thought that was weird.. then realized where that cork came from. One cork followed another, until four in total were gathered around on the floor at my feet. You know, near where my tears were also gathering.


Here's a pic of the killed units:

Notice the dust? Yeah that's years of gathered dust right there, kids. All for naught.

Here's a pic of the survivors:

You'll noticed, if you look close, that the one all the way to the right has about 1/4 of a cork protruding. That bottle is now in my fridge, and is gonna get drank up right quick before it, too, explodes.. and will also help console me for the loss of the previously mentioned fallen.

Some weird green moldy stuff on the floor too. apparently, these bombs went off a long time ago.. not recently. I had no idea.

In other news, here's a pic of the Lagunitas Hop Stoopid I drank the other day. Hoppy. Strong. Drank it solo. Should have brought a friend! Pretty agressive beer.. coarse hoppiness in there, but still went down well. Wife wouldn't have liked it.. she don't like that agressive hoppiness stuff in beers.

The Boss is also supposed to be picking up the new car this evening, too. More on that later. The "Mommy Bus" is no longer with us after 1730 hours.. stay tuned for more.