Thursday, February 10, 2011

NYC, sneak attack & fryathon..

So, me and the Boss headed off to NYC for a concert. Went out to see Chromeo at Terminal 5. Heck of a show, and had a great time there. This is the only decent pic I got of them, as the light show was driving the camera nuts, making it had to get a shot.. most came out black.

We also visited the USS Intrepid while there, and saw a few neat things.

This is gonna be the new controller for my automated brewery..

And this is the new kettle setup for the 40 gallon brewery.
We also hit up Grumpy's coffee and some blah place called Starbucks while walking around the next morning (we stayed the overnight at Ink48 again.. nice place!). Right after we left this Brooklyn Industries store is when we found the parking ticket on our window. Drats.. 

After we got home, we decided to celebrate with a massive fried food extravaganza with my new deep frier.. we had all sorts of things, like this bunch of onion rings, fried Hot Cherry Popper poppers and some fried dough. The poppers made me pay for everything I took from them them the next morning.

And lastly, Barbie the dog was brutally attacked and beaten up by this baby over the weekend as well. I was rooting for the baby..

Monday rolled around soon enough and Geoff and Mike came over to brew. We worked up a sweet pale ale (shocking!) after a few hours and we hope to have that on top here in the next few weeks or so. Stay tuned for that..