Thursday, May 12, 2011

Updates.. Hops, tater's and stuff.

Everything is still slowly moving along now.. starting to pick up the pace, but still pretty slow. The cold night time temps is still holdin' us back I think. I think I see some flea beetles out there, but they're not hurting anything so far. Still no slugs, which was what was killing me last year. I'm keepin' an eye out fr them, though. Got the last Global Bucket project finished up finally and put a Roma in it the other day, and here she is on the deck, next to the EarthBox and the other bucket project..

Also filled and hung the new Revolution Hanging Planter from Gardners Supply. This is a spinoff of the Topsy Turvy, of course, but it's way better built with a zippered enclosure, steel coated wire surround and a self watering feature from the top from a one gallon reservoir. Curious to see how this goes, as I've never done the upside down thing before..

Revolution Planter


The Smart Pot farm

Upper bed

Brussels Sprouts, arguably the strongest thing in the beds right now..

Lower bed