Friday, July 27, 2012

Update.. of everything.

So. A few months later...

Just read over the last couple of posts I had on here back in May. Since then, all of those baby chicks were kiled by a raccoon, we trapped and eliminated the raccoon problem, got a big Rooster for a week and a few days who jump started all of our laying hens who have since co-parented (Rose and Ella chicken doing the parenting..) a new clutch of 4 tiny chicks. Here's a pic of two of them:

Hard to get all four of the new kids in the same pic because they're each being raised by two different hens, who don't always stand next to each other. :) Again, statistics say there's gona be two boys and two girls out of this group, so we'll see how that develops. They're 5 days old at the time this pic was taken, born/hatched on the 21st of July.

Garden is doing well, too. Here's a shot of that madness:

Not the best overall shot, but it'll do. You can see the onions on the right, beans starting in the back center, Romaine in the front center, some basil in there (which we havent' done a darn thing with..) and the pickling cukes climbing the trellis on the left. Tomatos in the lower bed you can't see in this shot (very well, anyway...) are taking over half of that thing. Going to be lots of them this year...