Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bits and pieces.

Been a while since I've written.. things are still growing, no real setbacks. The potato project is actually coming along faster than I figured it would.. I got some organic potatoes to grow in the Smart Pots I got, and just left a few out.. and I'll be darned, they sprout really fast. Like, in just a few days fast. "Normal" sprayed potatoes would have looked god and stayed un-sprouted for considerably longer.. and I guess that's why they spray 'em. I have heard pros and cons for using organic potatoes for a 'seed' as opposed to ordering "seed potatoes" from a reputable gardening source. Disease, proper growth, is this thing you're planting *really* what it's labeled? Hybrid or no? But you know, it don't matter that much. The other 2/3rds of the bag of spuds was turned into the best whipped potatoes you'd ever laid eyes on and the Smart Pot can be used for something else if it doesn't work out just right.

The marigolds I put in tiny starter pots last week have already started to come up.. I'm pondering putting some of my peppers out into the raised beds this weekend

Here's some pics of things as they stand:

Cascades hops. Just a week since I last took their photo.. now have leaves!

Brussels Sprouts, survived the storm last night. 


Onions. Still clinging on! They loko so sad, though..