Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Potato harvest..

Here's the big potato harvest of 2010. Dig it..

Impressive, no? And heck, not even all of them are edible.. not counting the tiny ones, there's a few of the medium size'ers there that have a bug hole in 'em. Fortunately, the biggest of the bunch seems to be in good condition, and might be able to have a go 'round with my belly. ;-) Still contemplating that right now..

In addition, there was a pretty good pull for the rest of the joint, too. Check this colorful bunch:

Nice. The Habaneros are all ripening up quick now, about 8-10 a day all at once. Curious.. I hope to be able to can up the Jalapeno's this weekend with my friend Crystal, but we'll see how that goes.

In beer news, the lactic infused Stout seems to have a bit of a film over the top, indicating a good lactic buildup. But, I can't see it clearly enough to get a picture of it to show. I'll have it on tap soon enough, 'cause the Big Bear stout is nearing it's end. The Am. Amber wet-hop version I just did with Savvas is almost ready to keg, too.. just gotta find a spot to put it in and it'll be on line.

I hate my dog.

The garden planter box thingy is also doing well, but a bug ate the basil on the left ide of the planter. I just finished taking up one of the extra basils on the right hand side and transplanted it to the left, so we'll see how my first proper seedling transplant goes. apparently, you're supposed to wait till you get a few of the second 'true' leaves to form before you transplant it. I guess that's why I've been killin' 'em all up.. I've got high hopes for this recent move, though. Otherwise, the radishes are all going wild and the lettuces are having a great time. In fact, I also just took a couple of the extra lettuces and put them into tiny pots to grow on the side, instead of snipping them off to clear the way for the biggest ones. We'll do that just for fun.. probably won't much become of it. I'll get some pics of that when I can.. camera is still charging now.

Also in gardening news, I ordered up the seedling starter thing I finally decided on, and it's not the Hydrofarm Hot House with the heat mat, or even the Burpee kit I was looking at. Just happened to stumble across this setup by accident and fell in love with it. I'll get some pics when it arrives.. but it's really neat.