Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seedling test update.. again!

Decided today, one month exactly since I planted the stuff in the little pots downstairs, was the day to do some pruning of the garden.. I seriously meant to chuck them all out the window and clean everything up for the real deal starting at the end of this month.. but I didn't have the heart to do them all in. I know the tomatos aren't going to do me any good now, cause they're getting so big so fast, but.. you know, I had this slightly bigger 3x3 pot that was doing nothing, so I pulled one of the stronger Roma's up and repotted it into that 3x3 and we'll see where that goes for the time being. The tiny basil plants I left alone. They're so small they don't take up any room anyway.. the Habanero is still standing, but doesn't seem to e either growing or dying. Hmm. The Jalapenos, three, that I have left are also still hanging tight for the meantime as well.. so, all I ll, I guess I just chucked out five Roma's and called it a day. Slacker! Here's the lineup as it stands now:
7-9" tall Roma Tomato's.. one month!

Root system on tomato

Another pic of roots from 6 pak cell..

The lineup as it stands now.. 

The repotted Roma. Last one standing!
The real deal starts near the end of this month.. then we'll start planting whole flats of peppers to get the best ones out there and into my garden later on. I'm lookin' forward to this..

And lastly.. a pic of the front yard in the midst of the Snowpocalypse. Check it..

You can't see it from here, but my car is parked just to the left of this pile near Barbie.. and my car could easily fit under this thing. That pile is over 6 feet high now.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Brewin' with Savvas..

Did some brewing with Savvas and Geoff down and Savvas' parents place.. had to go there so we had some shelter from the cold in their garage. Heck, we froze up one hose during the brew session as it was.. a bit chilly, yep. Turns out it was Sav's first 'solo' all grain brew day.. I had no idea until he said so after the beer was all finished up and in the fermentor. He looked like a champ out there. ;) Here's some shots of the event..
Running off the second half of the batch sparge..

Geoff, looking large and keepin' an eye out..

Skimming the crap off the top of the just boiling wort.
So, all in all, the day went well. He got 1.057 on a recipe that called for 1.053, but he also got about 1/2 a gallon less volume than he had planned for.. he's gonna be topping up with some boiled and cooled water on return to the homestead and things should be right on track for this Northern English Brown. We'll see how this thing tuned out in a few weeks or so.. stay tuned!