Saturday, January 8, 2011

Propagator and grow light..

OK, I got a new card reader, so now I've got some more pics to share. Good thing, too.. some testing in action and wanted to document it all. As you know, I got a self watering seed propagator late last year that I didn't get to use for last years garden, but I'm set up with it now.
The Super Seven propagator, set up and running a few days ago..
As a test, I put some Roma Tomato seeds, some basil and two peppers, Habanero and Jalapeno's into their own propagating container. I put 'em on the self watering tray thingy with the wicking mat and left 'em be.
Roma's in this one.. self-watering mat seen underneath

Supposedly, the Roma's and Basil would be the first to sprout in 7-10 days, which will be in 2-5 days from when I type this.. surprisingly, however, the Basil and Roma's both popped in just 4 days. Yikes!

Look a little spindly to me..

..perhaps the day that went by when these weren't under lights was too much for 'em? 

I also got that lamp setup for Christmas.. I know it's too early in the season for seed starting, but I can't help myself.. I wanna play with these toys. Check it:

The whole propagator and lamp rig as it now sits..
I also wanna know that it can successfully be done and that come March, I won't try seeds again and FAIL, and have had no practice in doing these things up beforehand. So, I did this test.. I'll end up tossing these plants in the next few weeks or so, and starting again in a couple months or so.. but it'll be good for a test run to see how it goes, I figure.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Seeds and pics..

Still no camera card reader.. .. where did that damn thing go? As a result, no pics to show ya'.. 

On the 3rd of this month, I lost control of myself and pulled out the Super 7 seedling propagator thingy I got last fall and set it up with some Roma tomato, Jalapeno, Habanero and Sweet Basil seeds in it.. I know, it's too early.. but I just wanna see if the damn things works as advertised... if I fail now, I at least have a chance to rectify the problem before it becomes a problem when it's time to *really* start the seeds I'm gonna need for this coming gardening season. If I succeed, and these things stat to take off, I'll just have to put 'em under the Mr. Light Grow Light Pro that Gramma got me for christmas. Whoooee! Who's better than me?! Here's a pic of the ad version of this thing..

So my plan is to stick the Suer 7 under these lights till I get 'em up to repotting size.. then, I'll set them up in 6 packs when I re-pot them.. I should be able to get done what I need to.. and hopefully a bit more so I can spread the love to my friends. We'll see how that goes.. I'm not sure I can grow anything but lettuce from seeds so far. :)

Here's some pics from the New Years Eve "Ghetto Hot Tub" we made in the garage..

The tub, e-HLT, pump and chiller in the tub..

The white basket is to keep the heat
 from the recirculating boiling water in the e-HLT from
melting the floor of the tub..
Here's a pic of the thing in action, with some people in it's 110 degree awesomeness!

Rumor has it that's Will, Jeremiah and perhaps others in there.. 

And, just for fun, a picture of some weirdo doing the Robot Dance..

During the course of this party, we only dented half of one of the kegs I brewed up for it.. too much other beer floating around to kill 'em both, apparently. Lame-O's! Maybe next year..