Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter bread, some beer updates..

So, it's Easter today.. here's a shot of the bread I made for the dinner. A huge, 2.5lb sourdough boule, and a challah bread. I don't know anything about that rabbit..

Here's a bunch of shots from the Foxtrot IPA I just did solo. First,  here's a shot of the mass of hops that I 
got out of the bottom of the kettle after the transfer into the fermenter. And this wasn't even all of it.. there was more than I'd thought there would be.. that bucket is full!

After the primary had settled, but before I pitched the yeast, I racked into another carboy to try and keep some of the goop out of the primary fermentor. Check out the level of hop goop before the transfer took place:

And here's the racking process itself taking place.. 

Much cleaner looking after all was said and done. Additionally, here's a pic of the new mash paddle I used, which was fashioned from a wooden paddle I rescued from the Farmington river. Check it next to the old one:

This paddle was totally awesome. That extra foot of handle length really made stirring much, much nicer.

Here's a shot of the hydrometer pre-ferment..

In addition, here's a shot of the Black Bear Belgian stout gravity reading, the one I made with Jody a few weeks back. It finished a bit drier than his, as he said his ended up near 1.016.. this one came in at 1.012. Works out to ~7.1% abv. Looking forward to  a side by side between his and mine to see how that works out, fermented at different temps and attenuation levels. Check it:

I can tell you honestly, in the hydro jar and the pint (warm and flat) that was leftover from racking this Stout into a keg, it's totally fantastic. Easily one of the best homebrews I've ever made. Look for it here in a week or two..

Carry on.