Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh yeah, this beer... Allagash Dubbel Reserve.

Totally forgot to post about this one back when it was current, and now I forget most of the details. But, yeah.. me and Will drank this one after we got back from Willimantic Brewery. Allagash Dubbel Reserve. I think I served it too cold, so it was a bit off from the start, but even after it warmed up a bit, was still not like the really rich, whipped cream like Dubels' I've had in the past that I've enjoyed immensely. It was OK, don't get me wrong.. but I'm not buying another.

Also, did a little experiment with the espresso machine and steamed up some milk and atttempted to pour a latte style pattern on this hot chocolate for one of my sick babies... it didn't turn out pretty, but it sure tasted a heckuva lot better than a standaard hot chocolate! It was REALLY tasty.

In chicken news, today marks the first time both of my layers have fired off back to back eggs. Two yesterday, and two more today. Good job, girls!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Willimantic with Will.. and the BIG egg!

Took alittle trip with Will Siss "The Beer Snob" last saturday, and was truly shocked by what happened when we arrived. Get this, with photogaphic evidence..

On arrival, we ordered a beer.. here's a shot of me looking dapper as usual:

But Will only ordered a *half* pint.. here's evidence of that (a Redhook Nitro Porter, if I'm not mistaken..):

From there, I ordered the following sampler:

The best beer of the bunch, was easily the Three Cents Pale Ale. Lots of hops, great balanced bitterness, un-filtered. Really excellent, all around. I could easily have drank a couple or three pints of that in a row.. really drinkable beer. Not a big one, either.. not quite a session beer, but darned close. I was a little let down by the Double IPA.. and the Harvest Ale fell a little shirt as well. The Oktoberfest was awesome, though.. and the Stout in the middle is escaping me for now. Apparently, it was forgettable.

..but Will, on the other hand, ordered water! Here's the shocking evidence caught on film!:

This is big news. This expose is really going to rock the beer world, I know... but I felt it needed to get out. Always in search of the truth!

In other news, check this:

Oh, snap! That's a 63.3 gram egg! Just found that beauty, along with the other average (for them, so far..) sized egg not on the scale, in the coop this morning. That egg makes the first for one of my girls in the Large class. All of them, so far, were in the "PeeWee" category, i.e. under 15 ounces per dozen.. this one is nearly 1/3 larger than their normal egg average so far. Time for breakfast! :)

Oh snap! Breaking news! This just in:

So that's the reason why it was so big and heavy... a double yolker! Just the one on the left, kids.. the one on the right was one of their previous 42 gram beauties. They've both just been assimilated as my breakfast about 2 minutes ago, and were tasty indeed!