Friday, June 19, 2009

Poultry netting.. What?

They call it poultry netting. Looks like wire mesh stuff to me. Whatever! It's up, it's over, it's covering my coop's wood frame! Ack!

Not the most elegant stuff on the planet.. but it'll keep the hawks out, I guess. Raccoons, that's another story, or so I hear. We'll see. That's why I've got a snipers nest set up in the 2d story bathroom window, I suppose... bring it, raccoons! I dare ya'!

And here's one of the beasts after her 4th birthday.. 4 weeks, that is:

Still small, the size of a pigeon. But most of the feathers are in there. I've decided to keep 'em indoors one more week.. the feathers aren't totally in place.. still some downy feathers still kicking around, and with the temps dropping into the low 50's outside, I'd just as soon not chance it. I'm ready to go, otherwise. Have all the big bird feeders.. just need to put 'em in place is all. More pics of that stuff as the days go by. What is with this June weather we're having?

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Paint on the chicken barn, and a new brew..

Hey kids!

Got some new paint on the coop, with some sweet white trim. Check it out:

..still gotta put up the mesh netting to keep the birds in and the bad things out, but that should go up pretty easy this weekend.

..and a few pics of the babies themselves, now three and a half weeks old. We're dangerously close to putting 'em out in the coop this or maybe next week. Gotta see what the weather is like and how many feathers they all got. We'll make that call in a few days or so I think.

And in other news, I killed another keg. The Rambler v1.2 that was brewed with Will is a kicked one now.. was subsequently replaced with a log of an English style Ordinary Bitter that I made with Jody. I can tell you already, this beer is fantastic! I've been loving it recently.

Since I was a little low on reserves, it was good to get a call from my boy Geoff, who came by to brew up a Dark Wheat beer with me.. not sure it was any *particular* style, but it's a wheat beer, and it's gonna be dark in color. The main ferment is over now.. just waiting on it to wind down a bit before I keg it now. Here's a shot of us in action!

For some reason, my hops are the saddest things ever to make an attempt to grow out of the ground. No pic for you, but man.. they're hardly 4 feet out of the ground. Really sad, I tell ya'.. I think I failed when it came time to dig 'em in there and didn't do anything with mulch or compost or peat moss.. etc, etc. My mistake. We'll fix it soon, with some spiffy new chicken poop compost nutrient!

That's all for now...