Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garden Update

Garden is doing fairly well. Still a bit early in the year and things are growing slowly... but some things to report on. Check a few pics:

Upper bed

Lower bed

Super-hots in their SmartPots off to the side. 

This one is a bit different... it's out in the front yard, where I get more sun. It's a new thing I'm trying called Straw Bale Gardening. I'm just doing the one this year as a test. I have been soaking this straw bale for a week now, keeping it moist under this piece of plastic.. the internal temp of the bale has been up to 130+ degrees as of the day before yesterday as the interior begins to break down and compost. When the composting stuarts to subside, and the temps go back down, I'll put a tomato in the center of this thing and the then a stake through the center for the plant to get strung up on. The plant will eat the composting bale as the bale continues to break down slowly, acting as sort of a long time slow release fertilizer. I might also put some other plants in at the base of the bale.. maybe a mellon or something that could cascade down the ide and stay out of the way of the ever expanding tomato up top. The dark spot in the center under the plastic is a handful of compost I put there to get some beneficial bacterial started into the bale right off the bat...

Straw bale garden. Err.. one straw bale, anyway. 
In other news, the little guys are starting to get bigger... one week and three days later after hatch: