Thursday, May 5, 2011


Potatoes are starting to come up.. check it:

That didn't take long.. sprouted right up once we got some soil onto them. Nice.. the hops plants are both doing well now. I'm constantly untangling them every day to keep them somewhat on the trellis..


Here's the little Fatalii I put out in the Smart Pot.. a bug did a little damage right there on the left side, but it'll make it. The yellow bit there was a bit of a cold snap that came along that I didn't see coming and failed to take precautions against. I was in NYC, so I was a bit far away to work on that part, though..

And finally, some Arugula poking up in the lower bed. Hard to see, but it's coming along too. Everything else is just a bit larger and doing quite fine. Better than last year, so far, I'd say. Much more orderly with the SFG method. So far, so good..