Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Garden update.. and invaders!

I totally forgot about this one till just now, and I'll tell you why. Here's some pics of the garden as it stands now. i planted a bunch of cold weather stuff, and it's sitting under the hoop house covering now. Then, I went to check on the horseradish on my way back to the house and it's *covered* with caterpillars. Different ones than those who were attacking my radishes earlier this year.. bigger, greener. Check 'em out:

No, that ain't tequila. I think they're Cabbage worms. Look what these bastards did to my plant!

Hand picking is the answer to these as well, so I just pulled another 25 of the damn things off and drowned them in the Jar of Death. It felt good.

Check these Tomatoes out.. you think I could get some red in these things before they freeze solid?

And this.. It's October isn't it? Why are these chille's still producing?

Turnips are behind, but we're getting close to harvesting these guys..

The other stuff is doing well.. little green things popping up all over the place. I'm not convinced the lettuce will make it all the way through, but I've heard great stuff about Arugula and Spinach for cold weather growing, to say nothing of the Chard. The Arugula is already all out of the ground, sprouted like a champ. The Spinach is not up yet though, and neither is the chard. But those have time.. they're not quite up to the 7-14 days germination time yet. Check this radish square. Two days and they're out of the ground!

Hoop house got covered..

Because it's so nasty chilly, wet and windy out.. I figured I'd just cover the hoop house and see how it went. After seeing how thin this plastic stuff is that I had here, I'm glad I did, because I'm gona have to find something different to use, as this is gona get all torn up in rapid fashion I  think. It's really flimsy stuff. IT started to tear up right away from the staples, so I used some red duct tape as a sort of batten tape, until I can come up with something better. I also used that red tape to bunch up and secure the extra plastic on the ends, so it looks sorta ghetto right now.. but The Boss said it hailed here last night and the thing *appears* to be ok, although I'm just looking at it from the deck so far today. This rain is just gross, and I don't wanna go out in it to see any more..

We'll see how this does for a bit. When it breaks, I'll cover it with something else..

Monday, October 4, 2010

NYC and related things..

So, we took a tiny trip into NY City this weekend.. Friday evening to Sunday afternoon, in fact. Something to do with a 10th anniversary of something or another. Spent a couple nights in a fancy hotel and saw some sights. This post is a bit picture heavy, so I'm going to clump some of them together for sake of brevity, but our trip was great. I'm not going to post about everything, but we did do lots of stuff that I was really looking forward to. The major things to get done was a 'Voyage of the IPA's' boat trip/beer fest on the Clipper City, a concert where we got to see The XX, The Bodies exhibit, and then everything else was just funny stuff we figured we'd try out while we were in there. This is a view out of the room where we stayed, and you can see from 5 floors up we have a nice view of the skyline and a small slice of Times Square was also visible, if I had been facing in the other direction when I pulled the trigger on this one. 

Here I am sipping an espresso at Abra├žo espresso in the East Village area. The espresso was awesome. The 'drip coffee' was well done, but not out of this world. It must have been a blend of some type, but was not identified as to what. It was prepared on a row of Hario V60's lined up on one of those multi-level shelves what hold the ceramic drippers above the cups you're dripping the coffee into. I forget what you call 'em right now.. but it was those things. I enjoyed it all quite a bit, but the place is so small, and apparently so popular, it took a while to get my order.. I still prefer Grumpy's, then, as I enjoy S.O. coffee over espresso still and Grumpy's has a much larger (nay, any, actually..) selection. And hey, they have Clover's, which are still fascinating to me.

After coffee, we hit up the Bodies exhibit at the seaport, but we can't take pictures there.. so, no pics. But honestly, it wasn't gross at all. There were no floating brains in buckets to see there.. the brains were all properly secured. Quite interesting, still.

This is me and The Boss at Jeremy's Ale house, at the harbor area, just before we got on our boat. That's Sa and her truly ghetto/huge Hard Cider in a 32oz styrofoam cup. Sweet. The draft line is below that, displaying a few of a truly generous selection of bra's, which hung by the hundreds from the ceiling at this place. Do not ask why, as we were there during the daylight hours, and it was fairly tame inside, still. And finally, me, with my Mothers Milk, Milk Stout. 16oz only, thanks.

Then, we got on the "Voyage of the IPA's" cruise for two hours, which was truly more magnificent than I originally had any idea that it would be. It was more like a beer fest, on a fantastic ship, that had no beer lines at all to stand in, with a good selection of only the best IPA's from the area. And, we got so close to the Statue of Liberty, we could have nearly reached out and touched 'er. Here's a bunch of those pics:

Some guys, loading the kegs..

Raising the Brooklyn flag..

"I'm the king of the world!!" Sorta..

If you're a fan of Garret Oliver, here's a couple pics of him. He was the ringleader of the show, and I cannot tell you how really personable and friendly this fellow actually is.  Really an approachable guy and a funny bugger to boot. And his pants rocked! He and Sarah talked fashion for a bit while I was getting a different brew up front, or so I'm told.. heh.

He continually referred to himself as "Captain Garret" and advised he would use his position of power to get immediately to the bar to obtain any beer he needed, if it came to a point where lines actually formed. Fortunately for the rest of us, that never became an issue. Funny guy!

Here's that statue I mentioned prior, as well.. we damn near pulled right up along side of it. Great tour, this was. I'd highly recommend it to anyone.

This, sadly, is the best pic we got of the xx concert. Sad, like I said. But the concert itself was really nice. Well done, and we enjoyed it quite a bit.

There was lots more we did too, but didn't get pics of everything. Some of it was small stuff that I just have always wanted to check out, like the big library in NY.. I've always wanted to see what that was like inside. It's cavernous. I *did* get lost. I've also always wanted to sit in Bryant Park, my favorite park in NY, and just sip a coffee and read a couple chapters of a book, and so we did that Sunday morning. Also, breakfast outside on the sidewalk at this place down the street from our hotel was also fun, and something I needed to do as well. And it was beautiful, and I'll probably remember all of it in great detail until at least past tomorrow or Wednesday. :) Quite fun, and I'd even do it all over again.. maybe in another 10 years?

Carry on..