Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another one down! Send backup beer!

Dead! Just splattered myself all over with the foam of it's dying, co2 infused breath. You can see the stats yourself in the pic, and this beer was brewed by Don S. and myself way back in November. She lived a long life, for sure. She's survived by the tiny stove-top pale ale I brewed in the kitchen a few weeks ago.. the 18th of February, in fact. So, brewed and tapped in well under a month. Sheesh! Now to see if it tastes like anything worth drinking..

In other news, the place is just about ready for the big brew on Saturday. All ingredients lined up for me and Dan to put together an American Wheat. Yes, you read that right, *Dan*, not *Don S.*, as Don had a last minute colonoscopy scheduled that he just DIDN'T wanna miss, not for beer or anything. So, it's me and Dan picking up the slack. Good luck with that project, Don!

Some more updates to follow tomorrow or so.. interesting news about a roaster fire I recently heard of...

Click that Google link, you cheapskates!

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  1. Colonoscopy went well....don't understand how the doctor had both hand on my shoulder and could still perform the procedure???? Oh well...I did manage to also buy a condo this week so not a total loss. Sorry I missed it....