Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ghetto Fridge..

Better than nothing! A keg at the vacation house.. three snaps up for me. This is my weeks beer supply, right here. Behold:

So far, so good. A minor issue with a leak in the regulator to tank at first, but fixed that right up with a quick spare washer I brought from the house. On the side is a six'er of a few Anchor Bocks, an Uncle Mike's Party Pale Ale, an '06 Barleywine, and an Imperial from.. umm.. '07, I think.

In other news, I went swimming with my cell phone in my pocket, so my celly is junk. Killed. No go. Don't bother to call, cause only the fishes will get the message. I am truly on vacation, unreachable, except.. well.. via email, Twitter, Facebook, www.mikesupsanddowns.blogspot.com, and the wife's cell. So, damn.. I guess I am reachable after all.

On day two, I broke the right side outdrive on my Rustler VXL, and my spare is at home in the spare parts box. Snap! R/C down and out for the remainder!

Take care, kids.. I'm out!

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