Monday, May 3, 2010

Krausen Commando's...

Oh yeah! And most importantly, I forgot to mention this: Yesterday at the Big Brew, we formed an actual, legitimate, fully certifiable (yeah, he said 'certifiable'..) homebrew club. The Krausen Commando's! Tricky.

Check it. We even have a domain name and .com now..

Ain't nuthin' there just yet.. but give it some time. We voted on some initial peep's into office as well, including Timmay P. for Prez, Geoff D. for Vice and Will S. threw his junk in the ring with a hard fought battle for Secretary/Trezurer. Yeah, I spelled that right. That's how hard core this group is. As I heard, Geoff already fired up the club on the American Homebrewers Association site to get us super-legit.. fame and fortune is just around the corner, rest assured.

That is all for now, dismissed...

Commando Mike

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