Sunday, March 20, 2011

Garden update..

The onions are coming up.. I'm growing, I think, 36 of 'em in these tofu containers I drilled some holes in the bottom of. I'm gonna grow 'em up to about the size of a dime in these and then transplant 'em into the raised beds to finish them off.  I just need a few to do the project that this garden is designed for, which is mostly small green salads, and a few jars of salsa, with everything grown entirely in the back yard. I just planted the Roma tomato's in the prop's this afternoon for their part in the game. Otherwise, the peppers (green and hot) are already well under way, the onions are right there in the photo, and the garlic is already breaking ground. What else is there in salsa? Cilantro, sure.. that's gonna go in the herb garden later on.

Here's a shot of my one and only Habanero this year.. I put a bunch in the propagator, but only one came up. There's a shot of it back in the day here, remember this?:

That's how she was back in the day, a month or two ago.. she's a bit bigger now:

Nice and stocky.. that'll be a good plant, I think. My Fatalii's are also coming along well now in the 4 pak containers. Along with the rest of the kids in there, check 'em all out:

Everything in there right now is a pepper, and all chili peppers, save for the Bell's in the right front portion there. Speaking of peppers, this poor Jalapeno is totally stressed out from being in a too small pot. The little bugger is sending out flowers already..

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