Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Chiller mod...

Quick update here to a modification I've been meaning to do forever now to my beer wort chiller. Did a solder job on the coils and took off that crappy copper wire strand that's been barely holding the thing together since I originally screwed it all together. I know this first pic is pretty dark, but just wanted to show the 'handle' portion on the top..

..and here's a pic of the rather sloppy but perfectly functional solder job on the coils themselves. What a bear to get one coil soldered together to the one next to it and only have the next one break loose the solder you just did when the heat goes through the whole thing! Grr. But, it's done now and works well. It feels solid enough to stand on. Really an improvement, I'll say.

Now, to brew with it! Stay tuned...

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