Tuesday, August 31, 2010

American Freshhop Amber brew day..

Brewed with Commando's Kapros and Rockhill yesterday. Jody brought up his newfangled Top Tier brewing rig and it seemed to work like a charm. Me and Savvas worked our magic on an American Amber style with all of the aroma hops (2 minutes before flameout) handpicked off my vines just before being thrown into the pot. Everything went fairly well until we got a hop lodged into a line somewhere.. it later turned out to be two jams.. one in a transfer line, of all places, jammed into a bend in the 90 degree elbow, and the other right into the end of the pickup tube. Sheesh, the dreaded double whammy!

That's the only pic I got so far for the day. Me, simultaneously stirring the mash and sucking back a pint. I have mad skillz.

We didn't even get all the hops picked off the vines, either.. there's a few more on the Cascades triangle still, and we didn't even touch the Nugget plant at all, not that there's terribly much out there to grab. I'll grab some more pics of that later, but I didn't have the wherewithal to work my camera much yesterday. We got some good shots of Jody and his bag o'hops though.. you gona settle up with those, kid, and upload 'em or what? I'll get back to you regular readers when he get's his act together..

Other than that, been harvesting some habaneros and stringing them up to dry.. but they're not drying so far. I think I'll have to move 'em up into the attic where it's stinking hot. Lots of activity in the window sill planter thingy I got the other day.. lettuce popping up, radishes all crazy like, and looks like a basil came up as well. I'll get some pics in a bit, but the wife took my SD card away somewhere.. gotta find that still.

I'll come back later with some more pictures.. stand by.

[Edit, photo insert!]

Some madman, who just threw in a crapload of wethops, that eventually jammed up the works. What the!

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