Thursday, September 30, 2010

Garden update.. a little halfassed SFG going on!

SFG = Square Foot Gardening. Here's a pic of the twine I put up where I have my squares marked off into 1ft sections.

You'll see there's a bunch of stuff (Turnips, some older lettuce (both red and green) and a handful of peas..) I still have in here on the other, far end of the bed, but the near side has the squares all strung up and you'll also see theres three lettuce in the bed in the lower left corner of this pic. These are transplants I had that I planted in 4" pots up on the deck that I now had room for down here. So, I strung up the twine, tilled the soil with a trowel, added a couple scoops of compost and then set everything in according to hos it's supposed to be spaced out. There's radishes in here, a lot of lettuce, some spinach, Arugula, and a bit of Swiss Rainbow Chard.

Here, you can see those Habanero's are still going out of control in the upper bed:

All that red in there is well grown peppers. They are loving life in this bed, still. It's supposed to go into the 30's this weekend, so we'll see how much they're loving it in a couple of days.. but hey, maybe all the more reason to throw the cold frame over 'em? Hmm..

Here's a couple shots of the tomatoes I picked off my container plants in the deck a couple days ago..

I actually ate that one on the bottom there, that's all cut up. And I don't even eat tomatoes raw. But I did. It wasn't too bad, although the texture still freaks me out.

The Belgian Dubbel I did up with Jeremiah is bubbling away just fine downstairs.. it looks like it's starting to wind down, in fact. It took two days to start fermenting, and although the yeast pack from WYeast literally says "This yeast is a slow starter" on the side, I was not really prepared for that kind of delay. It gave me fits. I was not a big fan of that slow action at all.

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