Monday, September 19, 2011

Sourdough Bagel recipe...

Snap, I thought I'd lost this recipe. I'd been searching for it for days now, and finally located in the "spot I'd never lose it", which I couldn't find for days. Clearly, I should put his here so this never happens again. And no, I haven't made these yet after the sourdough-unfriendly summer temps, but here it is. Bakers Percentages included for those who wish to screw with the batch size. This recipe makes six, 4.8 ounce bagels. Dig it:

Ingredient = weight = bakers percentage

Flour = 339g = 100%
Starter = 301g = 88%
Cold water = 121g = 36%
Milk powder = 28g = .08%
Malt = 16.4g = .048%
Salt = 10.1 = .029%
Wheat gluten = 10 = .029%

I'm growing up my starter now to blast out a few of these guys. Stay tuned...

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