Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Updates to a few things...

Just to keep you in the loop and document the progress, I've been doing some cylinders ont the wheel and then cutting into them to see the cross section and how well I'm keeping things even. Here's what I mean:

That one's not so bad. I kept working on the previous one, too, and came up with this:

What I'm aspiring to, however, is to imitate the quality of this cup, shown on the left, next to the finished project from what appear above. Then, when I can do this much, I'll know I've gotten to at least college level skillz. ;-) the handle on this is terrible, but hey.. first try, right?

Lastly, some flapping chicken action from the new grey colored baby.. they're already noticeably larger and more feathered out in size than they were when we got them last week.. almost all of the downy feathers are gone now, and they're turing into quite good looking birds. This grey one in the photo here, although you can't see it in the pic, has an almost Americauna-esq chicken feather set alongside her head.. they look like tiny tufs of ears/feathers on the side. Curious look!

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