Friday, October 16, 2009

Eggs and Imperials..

Somebody in the hen house fired off another egg this morning.. not sure who, though. It's on the small side, at 42 grams.. I'm not sure it was the Barred Rock who layed the other day.. but it might be. That makes her on a less-than every other day cycle already. Good times! Today is the ON day for my R.I. Red, if she's gonna stay consistent. Fingers crossed..

In other news, I drank this beer:

last night with [Person's name withheld to protect the innocent]. Heh... me and [Person's name withheld to protect the innocent] also had a few "virtual beers" with both Timmay and Pete W. via Skype, making for a bigger party than originally planned, and neither Timmay or Pete had to drive home when we were done. In retrospect tho, it sure seemed like Timmay might have needed a hand getting up the stairs to his bed at the end, there.. 

In any case, on sale for $2.99 a Bomber at The Depot, this creation was a great beer! Eel River's 'Raven's Eye' Imperial Stout. 9.5% on the scale, it also clocked in with *huge* coffee/chocolate cake flavor. Big body for this thing, and went down a lot smoother than one might expect for a big beer. I quite enjoyed it, and would recommend it to the masses. Strangely too, it is labeled as certified organic, making it possibly the first organic beer I have ever really enjoyed.

I'm not sure if I've ever posted this before, but, as a general rule, organic beers suck. Organic anything is all fine and well for the planet, and I dig the idea.. but in general, I find organic stuff lacking in the distinct flavors I expect from non-organic beers. I'm not sure this qulaifies for stuff that isn't beer, but I'm no expect on lettuce or chives to say for sure wether that makes a difference in that particular ballpark. But yeah, as far as beer goes, organic has not impressd me.. until now.

Carry on.. nothing to see here.

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